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Dyer Law Firm

At the Dyer Law Firm, we have dedicated over 30 years to representing people who have been injured, hurt, or taken advantage of. Being in any of these scenarios without quality legal representation can be stressful and confusing, particularly if it’s a personal injury case.

This is especially true if you are still recovering from physical injuries and accumulating medical expenses and lost wages. During this critical time in your life, we provide you with legal advice and representation tailored to your specific personal injury, even helping you find the right medical treatment when needed.


Initial consultations are offered free of charge.




As a 30+ year resident of Stockton, Mike truly cares about the people of his community. He strives to protect everyday people from being harmed by negligence and large organizations that seek to abuse their power. Some of his most notable cases include multi-million dollar recoveries for victims of unsafe motorcycle helmets and gun safety malfunctions.


Dustin was born competitive. He is a former college athlete who now channels his innate drive and passion in the courtroom. Much like his father, Mike, he also felt called to advocate for those in need. One of his most memorable moments was the time he recovered $2 million for a client who had been wronged by former business partners and almost forced into bankruptcy. The two are now lifelong friends, and Dustin hopes to develop the same kinds of relationships with his clients in the future.


Personal Injury

Dyer Law Firm is a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping victims of serious accidents recover physically and financially from the harm they suffered due to another's negligence.

Business Litigation

Our business litigation achievements encompass the full range of commercial wrongdoings, including:

Legal Malpractice

The Dyer Law Firm specializes in making litigation affordable with reasonable hourly or contingency rates or a combination of the two. Our goal is to have the client achieve the best financial outcome including attorneys’ fees.


At Dyer Law Firm , our attorneys take great pride in representing each and every client with integrity and professionalism. Unfortunately, in some instances lawyers fall short in their fulfilling their duties to their clients. In certain instances, these actions rise to the level of malpractice. While no attorney takes pleasure in suing another member of the profession, we represent clients in legal malpractice cases in order to achieve justice for our clients and to help uphold the standards of the legal profession if we believe they have been violated.

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Questions? Concerns? Consult with an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship.